Experimental Protocols

Experimental Protocols are outlined in the LUMIP Protocol Paper - Published September 2

LUMIP Experiments List for CMIP6 - see Experiments tab and look for LUMIP

Comments / questions about specific experiments should be directed to David Lawrence ( and/or to the LUMIP google group.

Addendums, corrections, and clarifications to the protocol will be posted here.

LUMIP | Primary Contacts

LUMIP | SSC Members

Almut Arneth (KIT), Victor Brovkin (Max Planck), Kate Calvin (PNNL),  Andrew Jones (LBNL), Chris Jones (Hadley Centre), Peter Lawrence (NCAR), Nathalie de Noblet Ducoudré (IPSL), Julia Pongratz (Max Planck), Sonia Seneviratne (ETH-Zurich), Elena Shevliakova (GFDL)


Human land-use activities have resulted in large changes to the biogeochemical and biophysical properties of the Earth surface, with resulting implications for climate. In the future, land-use activities are likely to expand and/or intensify further to meet growing demands for food, fiber, and energy. The goal of LUMIP is to address the major science questions related to land-use in the most organized and effective way possible.