Experimental Protocols

The experimental design of the Scenario Model Intercomparison Project (ScenarioMIP) consists of eight 21st century scenarios and three long term extensions grouped into two tiers by priority (see overview in table below). The first tier contains four scenarios, while the second tier contains four additional 21st century scenarios, including an overshoot scenario whose peak in radiative forcing occurs in the 21st century; additional ensemble members for one of the 21st century scenarios from Tier 1, and three long-term extensions that begin from the end points of some of the 21st century scenarios and extend to 2300. See the ScenarioMIP paper for further discussion of the design.

Forcing Category Forcing in 2100 (W/m2) SSP Short name Use by other MIPS
Tier 1            
High 8.5 5 SSP5-8.5 C4MIP, GeoMIP, ISMIP6, RFMIP 
High 7.0 SSP3-7 AerChemMIP, LUMIP
Medium 4.5 2 SSP2-4.5 VIACS, AB, CORDEX, GeoMIP, DAMIP, DCPP
Low 2.6 1 SSP1-2.6 LUMIP
Tier 2        
Additional 21st Century Scenarios    
Medium 6.0 4 SSP4-6.0 GeoMIP
Low 3.4 4 SSP4-3.4  
Overshoot 3.4 5 SSP5-3.4-OS  
Low 1.9 1 SSP1-1.9  
SSP3-7.0, 9-member ensemble 7.0 3 SSP3-7.0 AerChemMIP, LUMIP
SSP5-8.5, long-term extension 8.5 5 SSP5-8.5-Ext C4MIP, ISMIP6, GeoMIP
SSP5-3.4, long-term overshoot 3.4 5 SSP5-3.4-OS-Ext  
SSP1-2.6, long-term extension 2.6 1 SSP1-2.6-Ext  

ScenarioMIP Co-Chairs

Brian O'Neill (NCAR, USA), email: 

Claudia Tebaldi (NCAR, USA), email:

Detlef van Vuuren (PBL, The Netherlands), email:

ScenarioMIP SSC Members

Veronika Eyring (DLR, Germany)
Pierre Friedlingstein (U of Exeter, UK)
George Hurtt (U of Maryland, USA)
Reto Knutti (ETH, Switzerland)
Jean-Francois Lamarque (NCAR, USA)
Jason Lowe (MetOffice, UK)
Jerry Meehl (NCAR, USA)
Richard Moss (JGCRI, USA)
Ben Sanderson (NCAR, USA)

ScenarioMIP is a CMIP-endorsed Model Intercomparison Project

The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) provides a protocol for studying the output of coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulations models. Established by the WCRP Working Group on Coupled Modelling, CMIP provides a community-based infrastructure in support of climate model diagnosis, validation, intercomparison, documentation, and data access.